Build On The Solid Foundation

“Everyone who comes to me and listens to my words and does them—I will show you what he is like: He is like a man building a house who dug down deep and laid a foundation on bedrock. When a flood came, the river beat against that house but could not shake it, because it was founded on bedrock. But the one who listened to my words and did not do them is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. When the river broke against it, it fell immediately, and that house was completely destroyed.” Luke 6:47-49 (EHV)

Does anyone know the answer to this question? What is the tallest man-made skyscraper in the world? It is not the Sears tower (Willis Tower) in Chicago which is a meager 1450 feet. It is not the Taipei building in China at a modest 1670 ft. It is the Burj Dubai Towers from the United Arabs Emirate which stand at an astounding 2722 ft. To put that in perspective, that is over ½ mile high and almost double the size of the Sears Tower. I was wondering what kind of foundation you would have to have for a building that is over a ½ a mile high. Sources say that the Dubai Towers foundation goes down over 165 ft and it contains 110,000 tons of concrete. I don’t know if that is enough or not, but it is going to take quite a bit to knock this building off it its foundation.

This past Sunday we had 15 young men and women who were confimred at St. John and one member who was confirmed at Riverview Lutheran Church. Their faith needs to be a lot like the skyscrapers that we talked about before. In order for them to keep their promises, their faith will need to continue to build on the solid foundation of Jesus and the message of the Gospel found in God’s Word. Outwardly these young men and women are “little buildings” who in physical stature range in size from around 5 ft. tall to just over 6 ft. tall. What kind of foundation do you need for such a small looking person? It wouldn’t seem like you would need a very solid foundation at all for structures that are only 5 or 6 ft. tall, but our text points out for us that these 16 young men and women need a more solid foundation than the ½ mile tall tower from Dubai. They are going to have more things trying to destroy them and their faith than any kind of earthly troubles a skyscraper might face. And that is why Luke remind us that we need to build on the “bedrock” of Jesus.

As I thought about this, it led me to remember back to my Confirmation day on April 8, 1979. I was not even 5 ft. tall and weighed about 97 lbs. I was small in size and looking back I was also quite small in my faith. I thought I knew a lot about Jesus and the Bible at that time, only to realize that I had a lot more to learn. But as small as my faith was, I now look back and realize what a great blessing it was to have parents and a congregation that used God’s Word and taught me to trust and build on the foundation of Jesus and God’s grace and mercy.

40 years ago, I made my promises to remain faithful and by purely by God’s grace I am still one of God’s forgiven children who is still building on the foundation of Jesus. Some might think that a Pastor is always solid and knows everything, but that is the farthest thing from the truth. I am a sinner who daily struggles and who daily lays everything on the “bedrock” foundation of Jesus and his forgiving love. There is nothing that can destroy this foundation.

I pray that the 16 young men and women who made their promises this past Sunday and every one of us will daily build on the “bedrock” foundation of Jesus and God’s grace and mercy.

— Pastor Gartner

Church News

Bible Classes

Pastor Frey's Sunday morning Bible Class on Genesis 1 - 11 will resume Sunday May 12.

Pastor Gartner will continue his Monday/Tuesday class, entitled, "What Must I Do To Be Saved -- A Study of God's Gospel and the Words The Holy Spirit Uses To Proclaim It."

Confirmation Sunday

Sunday in the 10:30 am service we had 15 young people who were confirmed at at St. John and we also had one member who was confirmed at Riverview Lutheran Church. Please keep them in your prayers.

  • · William James Baewer
  • · John Jerome Geiger
  • · Madeline Marie Geurts
  • · Madeline Laura Gowey
  • · Nevaeh Sis Hlub Hang
  • · Jared Michael Helmrick
  • · Dion Jeremy Helser
  • · Frederick (Ricky) Felipe Knaack (Riverview)
  • · Jacob Allen Lankow
  • · Kaitlyn Alexis Leach
  • · John Robert Pintar
  • · Bryson Jesse Riehl
  • · Benjamin John Siebers
  • · Rachel Ruby Thede
  • · Alexis Rose Volkman
  • · Brayden James Volkman

Women of Faith Bible Study/LWMS

Tuesday at 1:00 pm all the ladies of the congregation are invited to our Bible study and updates on our LWMS work.


Sunday School Singing

Sunday May 19 will be the last Sunday for this school year. The children will be singing "The First Song of Isaiah". Any member of the congregation is invited and encouraged to sing along with them. It is a wonderful opportunity for our younger members and our "older" members to join together in praising God. They will be practicing this Sunday around 9:50 am in the Church basement. Even if you can't practice but would still like to sing, plan on joining us.

Pioneers Pine Car Derby

The last Pioneers meeting of the year will be held Sunday May 19 after the 10:30 church service. We will enjoy a potluck lunch and race the pine cars. Everyone is welcome to join them and cheer on the racers. Please sign up on the sheet in the narthex. Contact Sarah Ziesemer with any questions.

Updates From April Voter’s Meeting

1. Our pipe organ is in need of repairs. We currently have a quote for $20,000 and are currently exploring all our options. 2. The council is suggesting a number of changes to our current by-laws, including removing and adding certain council positions. A copy of the by-laws with the proposed changes (highlighted in red) is available in the back of Church. If you have comments, questions or input for either of these items, please talk to one of the pastors or the council members.

EHV Preorder

Since November 2017 for the lessons during our worship services we have been using the Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV) translation of the Bible. This is a translation produced by the Wartburg Project, a group of WELS and ELS pastors and professors. The entire Bible is now complete and will be published this summer. You now have an opportunity to preorder this Bible at a discounted bulk-rate price (the exact price will depend on how many Bibles are sign-up for). There is no need to pay right away; once we know the exact price per Bible we will inform those who have signed-up and how to pay for their order.

There is a sign-up sheet on the back counter if you wish to order a new EHV. There are also 100 pamphlets on the back for more information on this new translation. Although we highly encourage you to pick up a copy of this Bible, you should also be aware that the Wartburg Project plans on publishing a study Bible in the next couple of years. For more information, please talk to Pastor Frey or Pastor Gartner.

To learn more about the EHV, click here:

To view an electronic version of the informational pamphlet, click here:

To view a sample of the translation, click here: